List of Republican Senators & Congressmen.Contact them & demand they support Free-Market PrinciplesThis is a featured page

[RRD:Note including a plan or article does not imply endorsement either of the article or plan as a whole]

So now that Scott Brown has been elected,what's next? First,it is still possible,that Democrats will try to ram through the Senate bill,or a hybrid of the Senate & House bills.It is also possible that they will go for,or try for,reconciliation.Another scenario is that they will engage in,“The Seduction of the Rinos”.& given the statements of several Republicans:(Newt: GOP would be "clever" to work with Pelosi ,Cantor predicts majority for House GOP -- will campaign on partial, not full, health-reform repeal ,(& this "clarification" The Politico:How to repeal health care reform,which clarifies little).As well as this stirring speech explaining what Republicans stand for: GOP Sen.: Party of 'step by step'
)why shouldn't they?There is already some talk of focusing on things “that have wide support”,like ending “discrimination “,against those w/ pre-existing conditions.This, as Robert Trancinski noted in "Obama's War on Health Insurance"is a attack on the concept of insurance as such,& as he later noted in "You Will Lose Your Private Health Insurance" will destroy private insurance.As Ayn Rand observed in Atlas Shrugged,Government Controls in the Free-Market will create endless problems which of course will lead toGovernment Officials calling for yet more controls.Yet as the statements by Republican Politicians linked to above show the understanding of the Free-Market principles involved are at best limited & at worst non-existent.(Indeed in the case of Scott Brown,he & others hold ideas that are inimical to freedom & a functioning Free-Market health care system). Since many of these people do not understand the principles involved we must inform them.Therefore I ask you to send Free-Market literature:essays articles etc to Republican Senators & Congressmen.I am posting a list of the recommended literature w/ links. If you wish to send printed material you should be aware that it takes several weeks,(possibly months),for mail sent to Washington D.C. to be processed due to security concerns. You may,(& I emphasize may),have better luck w/ their local offices.Faxes are probably the best route since many Congressmen still use paper fax machines.

Here is the list,(I may add more later,feel free to make any suggestions of your own).
Links:Obama's War on Health Insurance by Robert Tracinski Aug 04, 2009

Time to Call Republicans and Tell Them: Just Say NO to Bipartisanship: Deborah Sloan

Thirty-Nine Fallacies About Health Care By Richard E. Ralston

You Will Lose Your Private Health Insurance by Robert Tracinski

[RRD:A scathing refutation of the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care, (the "bible" of Obamacare),this in my opinion is
the Climategate of Obamacare though technically this is unlike climategate in that there is no fraud,but I refer to it as such because of the shoddy quality of the study. ]:
Report Cited by Obama on Hospitals Is Criticized By GARDINER HARRIS NYT Published: February 17, 2010

A Map to Bad Policy — Hospital Efficiency Measures in the Dartmouth Atlas NEJM

What the “Affordable Health Care for America Act,” HR 3962, Actually Says
John David Lewis

On the difference between economic & political power:
Harry Binswangner:The Dollar & The Gun

The Lucidicus's Project Medical Intellectual's Self-Defense Kit (MISDK)

Ayn Rand Center For Individual Rights

The Intellectual Activist Health Care Guide :

The Whole Foods Alternative to ObamaCare

How the Freedom to Contract Protects Insurability

A Call for the Separation of Economics and State

FAQ on Free Market Health Insurance By Paul Hsieh, MD

PDF of Dr.Leonard Peikoff's "Health Care Is Not a Right"

Explains that the ban on "discriminating" against people w/ pre-existing conditions will destroy private insurance & force us onto Socialized Medicine
You Will Lose Your Private Health Insurance
By Robert Tracinski

In defense of health insurance discrimination
October 28, 2009 by Don Watkins

(On the effects of New York's law banning "discrimination",against those with pre-existing conditions)
"A cautionary tale in healthcare reform" February 21, 2010 By Noam N. Levey LA Times

The not-so-moderate price of “moderation”
July 23, 2009 by Debi Ghate

Demolishes many myths about the alleged superiority of nationalized healthcare:

How the FDA Violates Rights and Hinders Health
Stella Daily

Mandatory Health Insurance: Wrong for Massachusetts, Wrong for America
Paul Hsieh

Moral Health Care vs. “Universal Health Care”
Lin Zinser and Paul Hsieh

Links to statements by leading Democrats and prominent Obamacare supporters, acknowledging that various “public option” proposals, including the “co-op” and “insurance exchanges,” are mere stepping stones toward the eventual implementation of “single-payer” nationalized healthcare, and the elimination of private healthcare insurance: -- President Obama -- Barney Frank -- Obama, Frank, and Cong. Jan Shakowsky -- writers in the liberal Huffington Post – a senior editor of The New Republic

A report quantifying the huge impact of “defensive medicine” in increasing healthcare costs:
Health Reform's Taboo Topic
By Philip K. Howard
Friday, July 31, 2009

Dems' Plan Will Eliminate Health Insurance
By Robert Tracinski

Ten Small-Scale Reforms for Pre-Existing Conditions National Center for Policy Analysis
(Praised by Paul Hsieh )

The People's Health Care Reform Plan by Bradley Hennenfent, M.D., Physician & Economist


Rep.Joe Barton TX 6th district [Invited to Summit]
Joe Barton E-mail contact form
Washington, DC Office Phone:202-225-2002
Washington, DC Fax 202-225-3052
Arlington Office Phone:817-543-1000
Arlington Office Fax :817-548-7029
Ennis Office Phone:972-875-8488
Ennis Office Fax :972-875-1907
Crocket Phone:936-544-8488

Rep.John Boehner OH 8th District (Republican leader in the House.)[Invited to Summit]
John Boehner E-mail contact form
John Boehner on Youtube
John Boehner on Facebook
John Boehner on Twitter 1st account
John Boehner on Twitter 2nd account (His account as GOP leader)
Washington, D.C. Office Phone:202-225-6205
Washington, D.C.Office Fax:202-225-0704
Residents of the 8th District of Ohio may use the toll-free number: (800) 582-1001
Butler County Office Phone:513-779-5400
Butler County Office Fax:513-779-5315
Miami County Office Phone:937-339-1524
Miami County Office Fax:937-339-1878

Rep.Dave Camp MI 4th district [Invited to Summit]
Dave Camp E-mail contact form
Dave Camp on Youtube
Dave Camp on Facebook
Dave Camp on Twitter
Washington D.C. Office: Phone:202-225-3561
Washington D.C. Office:Fax:202-225-9679
Traverse City Office: Phone:231-929-4711
Traverse City Office Fax:231-929-4776
Midland Office Phone:989-631-2552
Midland Office Fax:989-631-6271
Midland Office Toll Free: 1-800-342-2455

Rep.Eric Cantor VA 7th district (Republican Whip in the House)[Invited to Summit]
Eric Cantor's E-mail contact form
Cantor's Health Care Plan is here
Eric Cantor on Youtube
Eric Cantor's Blog (Which you can leave comments on)
Eric Cantor on Facebook
Eric Cantor on Twitter
Washington DC Phone: 202-225-2815
Washington DC Fax:202-225-0011
Richmond Phone:804-747-4073
Richmond Fax:804-747-5308
Culpeper Phone:540-825-8960
Culpeper Fax:540-825-8964

Rep.John Kline MN 2nd district [Invited to Summit]
John Kline E-mail contact form
Washington, DC Phone: 202-225-2271
Washington, DC Fax:202-225-2595
Burnsville Phone:952-808-1213
Burnsville Toll-Free:888-808-6644
Burnsville Fax:952-808-1261

Rep.Mike Pence IN 6th district
Mike Pence's E-mail contact form
Mike Pence on Facebook
Mike Pence on Youtube
Washington DC office Phone:202-225-3021
Washington DC office Fax:202-225-3382
Anderson office Phone:765-640-2919
Anderson office Fax:765-640-2922
Richmond office Phone:765-962-2883
Richmond office Fax:765-962-3225
Muncie office Phone:765-747-5566
Muncie office Fax 765-747-5586

Rep.Paul Ryan WI 1st district
Paul Ryan on Facebook
Paul Ryan on Youtube
Paul Ryan on Twitter
Washington D.C. Office Phone:202-225-3031
Washington D.C. Office Fax:202-225-3393
Washington D.C. Office Phone Toll-Free:1-888-909-7926
Janesville Office Phone:608-752-4050
Janesville Office Fax:608-752-4711
Kenosha Office Phone:262-654-1901
Kenosha Office Fax:262-654-2156
Racine Phone:262-637-0510
Racine Fax:262-637-5689

Sen.Lamar Alexander (TN) (Senate GOP Conference Chairman)
Lamar Alexander E-mail Web Form
Washington,D.C. Phone:202-224-4944
Washington,D.C. Fax:202-228-3398
Chattanooga Phone:423-752-5337
Chattanooga Fax:423-752-5342
Jackson Phone:423-752-5337
Jackson Fax:731-423-8918
Knoxville Phone:865-545-4253
Knoxville Fax:865-545-4252
Memphis Phone:901-544-4224
Memphis Fax:901-544-4227
Nashville Phone:615-736-5129
Nashville Fax:615-269-4803
Tri-Cities, Phone:423-325-6240
Tri-Cities, Fax:423-325-6236

Senator-elect Scott Brown MA [This is all I have been able to gather thus far,he is in transition from candidate to Seenator
& does not have his office set up yet]
Scott Brown on on Facebook
Scott Brown on Twitter

Sen.Jim Bunning KY
Jim Bunning On Youtube
Jim Bunning E-mail Web Form
Washington, D.C. Phone:202-224-4343
Washington, D.C. Phone:Toll free: 1-800-283-8983
Washington, D.C. Fax:202-228-1373
Ft. Wright Phone:859-341-2602
Ft. Wright Fax:859-331-7445
Hopkinsville Phone:270-885-1212
Hopkinsville Fax:270-881-3975
Owensboro Phone:270-689-9085
Owensboro Fax:270-689-9158
Louisville Phone:502-582-5341
Louisville Fax:502-582-5344
Hazard Phone:606-435-2390
Hazard Fax:606-435-1761
Lexington Phone:859-219-2239
Lexington Fax:859-219-3269

Sen.Richard Burr NC
Richard Burr E-mail Web Form
Washington, D.C. Phone:202-224-3154
Washington, D.C. Fax:202-228-2981
Asheville Phone:828-350-2437
Asheville Fax:828-350-2439
Rocky Mount Phone:252-977-9522
Rocky Mount Fax:252-977-7902
Winston-Salem Phone:800-685-8916
Winston-Salem Phone:336-631-5125
Winston-Salem Fax:336-725-4493
Gastonia Phone:704-833-0854
Gastonia Fax:704-833-1467
Wilmington Toll-Free:888-848-1833
Wilmington Fax:910-251-7975

Sen.Tom Coburn OK (Also ask him for the names of the Republicans who did not want him to have the bill read).
Tom Coburn E-mail Web Form
Washington D.C. Phone:202-224-5754
Washington D.C. Fax:202-224-6008
Tulsa: Phone:918-581-7651
Tulsa: Fax:918-581-7195
Oklahoma City:Phone:405-231-4941
Oklahoma City :Fax:405-231-5051

Sen.Susan Collins ME (Collins office says to please include a coversheet listing your name and address with your message, comment, or request. )
Susan Collins E-mail Web Form
Susan Collins On Youtube
Susan Collins On Facebook
Washington, D.C. Office Phone:202-224-2523
Washington, D.C. Office Fax:202-224-2693
Augusta Office Phone:207-622-8414
Augusta Office Fax:207-622-5884
Bangor Office Phone:207-945-0417
Bangor Office Fax:207-990-4604
Biddeford Office Phone:207-283-1101
Biddeford Office Fax:207-283-4054
Caribou Office Phone:207-493-7873
Caribou Office Fax:207-493-7810
Lewiston Office Phone:207-784-6969
Lewiston Office Fax:207-782-6475
Portland Office Phone:207-780-3575
Portland Office Fax :207-828-0380

Sen.John Cornyn TX
John Cornyn E-mail Web Form
John Cornyn On Facebook
John Cornyn On Youtube
Washington D.C. Phone:202-224-2934
Washington D.C. Fax:202-228-2856
Houston Phone:713-572-3337
Houston Fax:713-572-3777
Harlingen Phone:956-423-0162
Harlingen Fax:956-423-0193
Lubbock Phone:806-472-7533
Lubbock Fax:806-472-7536
San Antonio Phone:210-224-7485
San Antonio Fax:210-224-8569
Austin Phone:512-469-6034
Austin Fax:512-469-6020
Tyler Phone:903-593-0902
Tyler Fax:903-593-0920
Dallas Phone:972-239-1310
Dallas Fax:972-239-2110

Sen.Mike Crapo ID
Mike Crapo On Youtube
Mike Crapo On Facebook
Mike Crapo E-mail Web Form (Note 5,000 character limit in the e-mail form)
Washington, D.C. Phone: (202) 224-6142
Washington, D.C. Fax: (202) 228-1375
Boise (Main state office) Phone: (208) 334-1776
Boise (Main state office) Fax: (208) 334-9044
Caldwell Phone: (208) 455-0360
Caldwell Fax: (208) 455-0358
Coeur d' Alene Phone: (208) 664-5490
Coeur d' Alene Fax: (208) 664-0889
Idaho Falls Phone: (208) 522-9779
Idaho Falls Fax: (208) 529-8367
Lewiston Phone: (208) 743-1492
Lewiston Fax: (208) 743-6484
Pocatello Phone: (208) 236-6775
Pocatello Fax: (208) 236-6935
Twin Falls Phone: (208) 734-2515
Twin Falls Fax: (208) 733-0414

Sen.James Demint SC
James Demint E-mail contact form
James Demint on Twitter
Washington, DC Phone:202-224-6121
Washington, DC Fax:202-228-5143
Charleston Phone:843-727-4525
Charleston Fax:843-722-4923
Columbia Phone:803-771-6112
Columbia Fax:803-771-6455
Greenville Phone:864-233-5366
Greenville Fax:864-271-8901

Sen.John Ensign NV
John Ensign E-mail Web Form
Washington D.C. Phone:202-224-6142
Washington D.C. Fax:202-228-1375
Boise (Phone state office) Phone:208-334-1776
Boise (Phone state office) Fax:208-334-9044
Caldwell Phone:208-455-0360
Caldwell Fax:208-455-0358
Coeur d' Alene Phone:208-664-5490
Coeur d' Alene Fax:208-664-0889
Idaho Falls Phone:208-522-9779
Idaho Falls Fax:208-529-8367
Lewiston Phone:208-743-1492
Lewiston Fax:208-743-6484
Pocatello Phone:208-236-6775
Pocatello Fax:208-236-6935
Twin Falls Phone:208-734-2515
Twin Falls Fax:208-733-0414

Sen.Michael B. Enzi WY [Invited to Summit]
Michael B. Enzi E-mail Web Form
Washington D.C. Office: Phone:202-224-3424
Washington D.C. Office:Toll free:888-250-1879
Washington D.C. Office: Fax:202-228-0359
Gillette Phone:307-682-6268
Gillette Fax:307-682-6501
Cheyenne Phone:307-772-2477
Cheyenne Fax:307-772-2480
Cody Phone:307-527-9444
Cody Fax:307-527-9476
Jackson Phone:307-739-9507
Jackson Fax:307-739-9520
Casper Phone:307-261-6572
Casper Fax:307-261-6574

Sen.Chuck Grassley IA [Invited to Summit]
Chuck Grassley E-mail Web Form
Chuck Grassley on Facebook
Chuck Grassley Facebook Fan Page
Washington D.C. Office Phone:202-224-3744
Washington D.C. Office FAX:202-224-6020
Cedar Rapids Phone:319-363-6832
Cedar Rapids, Fax:319-363-7179
Council Bluffs Phone:712-322-7103
Council Bluffs Fax:712-322-7196
Davenport Phone:563-322-4331
Davenport Fax:563-322-8552
Des Moines Phone:515-288-1145
Des Moines Fax:515-288-5097
Sioux City Phone:712-233-1860
Sioux City Fax:712-233-1634
Waterloo Phone:319-232-6657
Waterloo Fax:319-232-9965

Sen.Judd Gregg NH (Gregg has no Fax numbers)
Judd Gregg E-mail Web Form
Washington, DC Phone:202-224-3324
Manchester Phone:603-622-7979
Concord Phone:603-225-7115
Portsmouth Phone:603-431-2171
Berlin Phone:603-752-2604

Sen.Orrin G. Hatch UT
Orrin Hatch On Youtube
Orrin Hatch E-mail Web Form
Orrin G. Hatch on Facebook
Washington D.C. Office Phone: (202) 224-5251
Washington D.C. Office Fax:202-224-6331
Salt Lake City Office Phone:801-524-4380
Salt Lake City Office Fax:801-524-4379
Provo Office Phone:801-375-7881
Provo Office Fax:801-374-5005
St. George Office Phone:435-634-1795
St. George Office Fax:435-634-1796
Ogden Office Phone:801-625-5672
Ogden Office Fax:801-394-4503
Cedar City Office Phone:435-586-8435
Cedar City Office Fax:435-586-2147

Johnny Isakson GA
Johnny Isakson E-mail Web Form
Washington, D.C. Phone:202-224-3643
Washington, D.C Fax:202-228-0724
Atlanta Phone:770-661-0999
Atlanta Fax:770-661-0768

Sen.Jon Kyl AZ (As Republican Whip,the No. 2 Senate Republican)[Invited to Summit]
Jon Kyl On Youtube
Jon Kyl E-mail Web Form
Jon Kyl on Facebook
Washington, D.C. Office Phone:202-224-4521
Washington, D.C.Office Fax:202-224-2207
Phoenix Office Phone:602-840-1891
Phoenix Office Fax:602-957-6838
Tucson Office Phone:520-575-8633
Tucson Office Fax:520-797-3232

Sen.John Mccain AZ
John Mccain On Facebook
John McCain On Youtube
John McCain E-mail Web Form
Washington D.C. Office Phone:202-224-2235
Washington D.C. Office Fax:202-228-2862
Phoenix Office Phone:602-952-2410
Phoenix Office Fax:602-952-8702
Prescott Office Phone:928-445-0833
Prescott Office Fax:928-445-8594
Tempe Office Phone:480-897-6289
Tempe Office Fax:480-897-8389
Tucson Office Phone:520-670-6334
Tucson Office Fax:520-670-6637

Sen.Mitch McConnell KY (Minority Leader)[Invited to Summit]
Mitch McConnell E-mail Web Form
Mitch McConnell on Facebook
Washington DC Ph:202-224-2541
Washington DC Fax:202-224-2499
Paducah Phone:270-442-4554
Bowling Green Phone:270-781-1673
Louisville Phone:502-582-6304
Fort Wright Phone:859-578-0188
London Phone:606-864-2026
Lexington Phone:859-224-8286

Sen.Lisa Murkowski AK
Lisa Murkowski E-mail Web Form
Lisa Murkowski On Myspace
Lisa Murkowski On Youtube
Lisa Murkowski On Facebook
Washington D.C. Phone:202-224-6665
Washington D.C. Fax:202-224-5301
Fairbanks Phone:907-456-0233
Fairbanks Fax:907-451-7146
Anchorage Phone:907-271-3735
Anchorage Toll Free: 1-877-829-6030
Anchorage Fax: 907-276-4081
Matsu Wasilla Phone:907-376-7665
Matsu Wasilla Fax:907-376-8526
Ketchikan Phone:907-225-6880
Ketchikan Fax:907-225-0390
Kenai Phone:907-283-5808
Kenai Fax:907-283-4363

Sen.Pat Roberts KS
Pat Roberts E-mail Web Form
Pat Roberts On Youtube
Washington, D.C. Phone:202-224-4774
Washington, D.C. Fax:202-224-3514
Overland Park Phone:913-451-9343
Overland Park Fax:913-451-9446
Topeka, Phone:785-295-2745
Topeka Fax:785-235-3665
Wichita Phone:316-263-0416
Wichita Fax:316-263-0273
Dodge City Phone:620-227-2244
Dodge City Fax:620-227-2264

Sen.Olympia Snowe ME
Olympia Snowe E-mail Web Form
Olympia Snowe on Facebook 1st page
Olympia Snowe on Facebook 2nd page
Washington D.C Phone:202-224-5344
Washington D.C Fax:202-224-1946
Auburn Phone:207-786-2451
Auburn Fax:207-782-1438
Augusta Phone:207-622-8292
Augusta Fax:207-622-7295
Bangor Phone:207-945-0432
Bangor Fax:207-941-9525
Biddeford Phone:207-282-4144
Biddeford Fax:207-284-2358
Portland Phone:207-874-0883
Portland Fax:207-874-7631
Presque Isle Phone:207-764-5124
Presque Isle Fax:207-764-6420

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